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Research Areas

Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD)

Directorate Program Representative

Dr. Elias Rigas
Vehicle Technology Directorate
US Army Research Laboratory
4603 Flare Loop
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005-5069

Telephone: 410-278-8809

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About VTD

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD) is the principal Army organization responsible for the pursuit of mobility-related science and technologies leading to advanced capabilities and improved reliability for Army air and ground vehicles. VTD leads the ARL Major Laboratory Program in mobility and the RDECOM Technology Focus Team in mobility and logistics. The technology focus areas within the ARL and RDECOM programs have been defined as platform, propulsion, intelligent systems and logistics.

The VTD mission is accomplished through in-house basic and applied research, and from collaborations with other ARL functions, RDECOM, Navy, Air Force, academia and industry leaders. The mission is enhanced through teaming with and leveraging of research efforts associated with Collaborative Technology Alliances (CTAs) and Multidisciplinary University Research Initiatives (MURIs). For example, VTD is actively involved with two CTAs (Robotics and Micro Autonomous System Technologies), several cooperative agreements, and a unique partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA and the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH.

The VTD is located at three sites. The main site is at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD where most of the Directorate offices are situated. The focus here is on Autonomous Systems and Mechanics research with cross-cutting interdisciplinary analysis and technology development supported by the recently-formed Vehicle Applied Research Division. At the NASA- Langley site there is a Mechanics Division aeromechanics field element, and at the NASA- Glenn site is the Propulsion Division.

Research Areas

Aerospace Power Transmission Component Research

Affordable, Multifunctional Materials for Improved Vehicle Mobility and Range

Autonomous Squad Member

Coupled Vortex Transport Method and RANS CFD for Vertical Lift Applications

Dynamic Response of Structural Material Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

Efficient Computational Methods for Aeroelastic Simulations of Flapping Wing

Fundamental Research in Prognostics and Diagnostics for Total Material State Awareness and Condition Based Maintenance of Army Vehicles

Fundamental Research in Propulsion Materials

Fundamental Research in Propulsion Material State Awareness of Army Vehicles

Investigation on the Effect of Altitudes on UAV Engine Combustion and Performance

Investigation on the Spray and Combustion Processes of Various Military Fuels Using Optical Diagnostics

Rotor Morphing Technologies For Improved Rotorcraft Aeromechanics

Technology Improvement Studies of Rotorcraft Transmission Components for Improved Efficiency, Durability, Vibration, or Acoustic Performance

Tribological Studies of Rotorcraft Transmission Components for Improved Survivability Under Loss-of-Oil Conditions

Tribology and Lubrication Science for High Performance Power Transmission

Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles