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Research Areas

Weapons and Materials Research Directorate (WMRD)

Directorate Program Representative

Dr. Jeffrey Morris
Weapons and Materials Research Directorate
US Army Research Laboratory
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005

Telephone: 410.306.0760

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About WMRD

The goals of the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate (WMRD) are to enhance the lethality and survivability of weapons systems, and to meet the soldier’s technology needs for advanced weaponry and protection. Research is pursued in energetic materials dynamics, propulsion/flight physics, projectile warhead mechanics, terminal effects phenomena, armor/survivability technologies, environmental chemistry, and advanced materials (energetic, metals, ceramics, polymers, composite/hybrids, and mechanics) for armor, armament, missiles, ground vehicles, helicopters, and individual soldier applications necessary for maintaining and ensuring supremacy in future land warfare.

Research Areas

Atomistic simulations of semiconductors, oxides, and ceramics.

Ballistic Modeling and Effects

Chemistry, Theorectical Chemistry

Combustion, Kinetics, and Spectroscopy

Computational and/or experimental projectile aerodynamics

Coarse-Grain Modeling and Simulation

Energetic Materials

Experimental Shock Physics and High-Pressure Characterization of Energetic and Explosive Materials

First principles based multi-scale model of the B4C grain boundary interface

Interferometry-Based Miniaturized Kolsky Bar: Dynamic Microcompression of Single and Polycrystalline Metals

Material Behavior

Modeling the Chemistry and Physics of Processes Relevant to Propellant Performance

Multidisciplinary Multiscale Materials Modeling

Multidisciplinary multiscale modeling of non-biological materials

Polymers and Composites

Surface Science

Weapons Systems and Battlefield Simulation

Variable Resolution Terrain and Operations Research System Analysis