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Career Opportunities

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Complete descriptions for the following positions can be viewed by clicking on any of the job titles below.

Ref. No. Job Title Location
14-089 Operations Planner 3 Multiple
15-200-EP Administrative Clerk 1 Oak Ridge, TN
15-005 Program Specialist Oak Ridge, TN
15-018 Security Specialist 1 Oak Ridge, TN
14-091 PCA Systems Specialist Oak Ridge, TN
15-013 Operations Planner 4 Arlington, VA
15-011 Mgr Business Operations & Quality Assurance Arlington, VA
15-010 Budget Analyst 3 Oak Ridge, TN
14-097 Program Specialist Senior Oak Ridge, TN
14-079 Programmer Analyst 2 Oak Ridge, TN
14-083 Systems Analyst 3 Oak Ridge, TN
14-049 Administrative Clerk 3 Oak Ridge, TN
15-003 Operations Planner 2 Albuquerque, NM
14-101 Instructional Media Developer 2 Oak Ridge, TN
14-045 Program Specialist Belcamp, MD
14-096 Program Specialist Oak Ridge, TN
14-100 Education Senior Project Manager Oak Ridge, TN
14-053 Health Education Specialist 3 Oak Ridge, TN
14-094 Research Associate 2 Health Studies Oak Ridge, TN
14-024 Operations Planner Senior Arlington, VA
14-092 Web Designer 1 (SharePoint) Oak Ridge, TN
14-021 Operations Planner 2 Arlington, VA
14-022 Operations Planner 3 Arlington, VA
5005-EOI Multiple Levels of Latent Print Examiners Multiple
14-071 Education Project Manager Oak Ridge, TN
14-078 Programmer Analyst 3 Oak Ridge, TN
14-073 Multimedia Designer 1 Oak Ridge, TN
14-074 Health Education Specialist Project Manager 2 Oak Ridge, TN
5004-EOI Counter-IED Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Multiple
14-072 Health Education Specialist Project Manager 1 Oak Ridge, TN
5006-EOI Multiple Levels of Tenprint Examiners Multiple
5007-EOI Multiple Levels of AFIS Specialists Multiple
5003-EOI Education Project Manager Oak Ridge, TN
5001-EOI Health Physicist (Multiple Levels) Oak Ridge, TN
13-080 Instructional Designer 3 Oak Ridge, TN
14-040 Programmer Analyst 1 Oak Ridge, TN
5000-EOI Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Multiple Position Openings Multiple
14-034 Research Associate 4 Oak Ridge, TN
13-028 Friction Ridge Analyst - Level 3 Multiple
13-029 Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 4 Multiple
13-063 Forensic Examiner 1 - Latent Print Multiple
13-064 Forensic Examiner 2 - Latent Print Multiple
13-065 Forensic Examiner Senior - Latent Print Multiple
13-021 Evidence Custodian Ft. Gillem, GA
13-020 Case File Manager Ft. Gillem, GA
13-011 Forensic Examiner (Tool Marks) Multiple
13-023 Forensic Specialist Ft. Gillem, GA
13-062 Program Specialist Belcamp, MD
13-041 Operations Planner 4 Multiple

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