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ELLCAS: Evaluation, Lessons Learned & Corrective Action System

ORAU Evaluation, Lessons Learned & Corrective Action System logoWhat is ELLCAS? ELLCAS is an end-to-end web-based evaluation and improvement planning system that provides for:

  • Capabilities-based evaluation of operational performance during crisis operations 
  • Identification of best practices and lessons learned across crisis response and routine operations
  • Development, assignment, and tracking of corrective actions to address identified lessons learned

ELLCAS is an independent self-contained Evaluation, Lesson Learned and Corrective Action System, designed to help clients implement a continuous improvement planning cycle. Key components include:

  • Development of evaluation guides, comprised of who will observe, where to observe, when to observe, and what to observe; as well as performance measures including agency level critical tasks.
  • Raw observations collection, which can be submitted from any web-enabled device by designated personnel, during and after any response operation.
  • Development and review of findings, not merely the refinement of observations, but thorough data-enabled analysis.
  • Development and review of lessons learned, executed through trend analysis that links evaluation-based findings and root causes. Lessons Learned are developed and substantiated by multiple findings from numerous events, and supported by a number of observations.
  • Identification, review, and tracking of corrective Actions, enabling leadership to review lessons learned and identify, prioritize, and assign corrective actions.

Key functions and benefits of ELLCAS:

  • An assessment-driven process using your organization’s core capabilities:
    • Allows your organization to document core capabilities for crisis response and routine operations, simplifying the identification of necessary training and protocols
    • Timely and unobtrusive collection of data
    • Utilities can develop after action reports based on their own capability-driven assessment criteria
  • Key areas where ELLCAS can mitigate inefficiencies and allow utilities to better allocate funds:
    • Understanding gaps in infrastructure: as portions of the grid become outdated, trending data can identify those areas which are in most need of immediate attention while also identifying those that may continue to function without upgrades
    • Identify areas in which security hazards exist: distinguish how the adequacy and reliability of the grid could be challenged through acts of terror, weather, etc.
    • Track testing of new enabling technologies: allow users to submit feedback on new technologies, and better capture the value of such investments
    • Convey a variety of messages to consumers: use ELLCAS products to justify investment in new technology, demonstrate commitment to the environment, manage customer expectations using trending quantitative and qualitative analysis, and cite reports as examples of how your utility has sought to implement new changes and efficiencies
    • Improve demand response: better response to residential demands, be it from weather-related phenomena, congested grid, or customer service

ELLCAS is accessible across all platforms, including tablets and smartphones. ELLCAS—the best at getting better.

For more information about ELLCAS or to schedule a demonstration, contact the ORAU ELLCAS team at

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