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Health Insurance Telephone Numbers

New Blue Cross Blue Shield Card:
(800) 223-3614

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Claims Service:
(800) 565-9140

Blue Cross Blue Shield Prescription Claims Service:
(800) 565-9140

Out-of-state Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider:
(800) 810-BLUE (2583)

Welcome to the Participant Program Health Insurance Page

Participant Program: Your appointment letter clearly states that you are not an employee of ORAU/ORISE, your host facility, program sponsor, or any other office or agency. 

Some of the documents below are in Microsoft Word format and are indicated by (Word). Some documents are in Adobe Reader format and are indicated by (PDF).

Health Insurance Plan

As a research participant, you are required to either enroll in the ORAU/ORISE health insurance plan or demonstrate that you have health insurance coverage with another carrier. If you wish to enroll in the ORAU/ORISE health insurance plan, you must complete the application form and return it to your ORAU/ORISE program manager or program specialist.

Medical and Prescription Drug Evidence of coverage/summary of benefits (PDF)


Blue Card Program

Brief Summary of Medical/Prescription Drug Benefits (Word)

Extended Well Care (Word)

Nurse Line Brochure (PDF)

Precious Cargo Pre-natal Program (PDF)

Health and Human Services "Hospital Compare"