64th Lindau Meeting

Graduate Student Awards for the Lindau Meeting
of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany

Nomination Process

Instructions to Offices of Presidents, Chancellors, and ORAU Representatives

To submit a nomination from your institution for selection to the U.S. delegation to the 64th Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students, please complete the process as described below. All nominations are to be submitted electronically by 4 p.m. Eastern Time on November 1, 2013

There are two pathways for nominations:

  • ORAU: For students who meet the general eligibility criteria and are attending ORAU member institutions.
  • Mars, Incorporated: For students who meet the general eligibility criteria regardless of institution.

A university may use any or all pathways. However, only two nominations can be submitted to Mars, Incorporated and one nomination to ORAU for a total of three nominations from each university.

Nominations for ORAU should be processed and uploaded by the university’s ORAU Councilor or designee.

Nominations for Mars, Incorporated should be processed and uploaded by a President, Chancellor, or an authorized designee of the President or Chancellor.

A completed nomination consists of:

  • a completed nomination form
  • a two-page personal resume of the nominee
  • a two page letter of reference from the nominee’s research advisor and
  • an essay of no more than one page written by the nominee describing why participation in the Lindau meeting is important for the nominee’s graduate education.

All components of the application MUST be merged into a single PDF file for upload to the online nomination application. The PDF file cannot be larger than 10 MB.