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ORAU has earned the reputation as a respected partner
in emergency management planning and policy development

Federal, state and local emergency management agencies need planning and operational support to enhance and integrate their efforts to combat terrorism, natural disasters and other hazards.

When it comes to our nation’s security, many government agencies look to ORAU for emergency readiness planning and support. Because effective communication is a key aspect of the planning process, our operations planners and subject matter experts work to bring together multiple agencies to ensure that readiness and response plans are sound.

Whether it’s strategic planning, policy development and implementation, intelligence analysis or an all-encompassing emergency planning exercise program, ORAU has the knowledge and expertise to assist your agency.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Bioterrorism preparedness
  • Chemical preparedness
  • Crisis communications
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Emergency public information
  • Health preparedness
  • Joint Information Center (JIC) facility management
  • Risk communication
  • Transportation emergency preparedness
  • Use of handheld and wireless technology in emergencies

Training Opportunities

Critical to planning efforts is the review of the necessary guidance documents issued by the agencies. After you have assessed or prepared your policies and procedures, you may have discovered gaps in the skill sets your personnel need to fulfill their responsibilities during an emergency. ORAU’s professional trainers can design, develop and deliver customized emergency management training to meet your specific needs.

Topics range from emergency preparedness to respond to biological, chemical or radiological events, or to all aspects of emergency public information.

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Exercise Builder Nuclear

Improving the Way the Nuclear Power Industry Does Drills and Exercises

Urban Shield 2014

ORAU national security experts provided planning and evaluation support for a full-scale, regional training exercise for the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office in September 2014.

The goal of the exercise was to assess the California Bay Area’s response capabilities for a terrorist attack. The training scenario, dubbed Urban Shield, involved a building overtaken by terrorists intent on stealing radioactive material to make a dirty bomb and included a hostage situation. Thirty-five SWAT teams participated, and ORAU provided real-time video evaluation of exercise play.

This exercise not only assessed the team’s ability to mitigate a terrorist event but also was invaluable in capturing visual observations on tactics and techniques used by the various teams in an effort to establish best practices.