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Technology Solutions

ORAU leverages technology to improve emergency readiness and response

ORAU applies the latest technology to its custom-developed national security and emergency management solutions.

Our service to our customers reinforces and complements the quality of our work. From the development of the Asset Readiness Management System (ARMS) to advances in the Exercise Builder and Exercise Builder Nuclear applications for emergency exercise and drill development, we provide a wealth of technological expertise to support a wide variety of government preparedness exercises and readiness programs.

An integral part of a coordinated response is maintaining effective communication. Technology is the foundation of a successful effort and we provide innovative preparedness and response tools, as well as emergency management integration through networking and information sharing.

Whatever the situation, the ability to access and connect with the plans, people and resources needed to effectively manage and respond to an emergency is critical. Our technology solutions make this possible, and ORAU is ready to help emergency planners and responders stay connected.

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Exercise Builder Nuclear

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