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Capabilities in Occupational Exposure and Worker Health Studies

ORAU answers the need for responsive worker health solutions with 30 years of occupational health expertise

Worker health database

With more than 30 years of experience in occupational exposure research, ORAU has established effective partnerships on a national scale to offer innovative worker health solutions with the highest levels of quality and integrity.

Our workforce health studies and programs can be customized to address the individual needs of each of our customers.

By applying our extensive expertise in occupational health, we offer innovative solutions in the following areas:

ORAU Center for Safety Studies

With many years of experience in building an award winning safety program, ORAU is now sharing its knowledge with other organizations to help them plan and implement measurable improvements in their corporate safety culture.

Data Management

ORAU coordinates the transition of traditional, paper-based occupational health and research data to electronic format.

Beryllium Exposure Studies and Testing

ORAU identifies former workers who may have developed a sensitization to beryllium through occupational exposure.

Illness and Injury Surveillance

Using a proven management approach to injury and illness surveillance, ORAU can help assess the overall health of your workforce no matter how large or small.

Worker Health Studies

From data collection and surveillance to hazards assessment, ORAU answers your unique worker health concerns.

NanotechnologyNanotechnology Studies

ORAU’s Nanotechnology Studies Program promotes awareness of the uses and challenges of nanotechnology as they apply to public health and safety.

Radiation Exposure Data Collection and Dose Reconstruction

ORAU can help collect and analyze radiation exposure data, as well as reconstruct the radiation doses workers may have received.

Protecting Human Subjects

ORAU supports research involving human subjects by maintaining that the highest ethical standards are followed throughout the study.

Contributing to a better understanding of exposures and cancer risks

Nurse administering vaccine

Through two separate projects won in 2014, ORAU is investigating occupational, environmental and genetic risk factors in the development and survivability of cancer. In the first project, ORAU is investigating occupational exposures to chemotherapeutic drugs among oncology nurses. The goal of the study is to identify ways to better handle these drugs and communicate their potential risks, thus minimizing exposure threats to these critical care givers.

In the second project, ORAU is working with a regional referral hospital in Kentucky to investigate a cohort of cancer patients diagnosed with specific cancers to assess if environmental and genetic risk factors are associated with longer than expected survival. ORAU has partnered with the University of Tennessee’s College of Nursing on both projects.