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Faculty Opportunities at ORNL

Are you ready to strengthen your scientific and technical expertise in the field while collaborating with world-renowned researchers? These programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory provide hands-on research opportunities for faculty from U.S. colleges and universities.

All programs on this page are limited to current, full-time teaching faculty at an institution of higher education in the U.S., unless otherwise noted. Application deadlines vary by program. Click on the Program name to learn more about each.

DOE Visiting Faculty Program (VFP)
  • Full-time Faculty
  • U.S. Citizen/LPR
  • Limited to select institutions
Fixed Stipend 10-week, Summer Full-time
HBCU/MEI Faculty Summer Research Program
  • Full-time Faculty
  • No citizenship requirement
  • Limited to select institutions
Matches home institution salary 10-week, Summer Full-time
Higher Education Research Experiences (HERE) - Faculty
  • Full-time Faculty
  • Non-teaching faculty accepted
  • U.S. Citizen/LPR
Matches home institution salary Year-round, Summer Semester or Sabbatical participation Full-time or part-time
ORNL Faculty Researcher Dmitry Uskov

Dmitry U.

Physics & Quantum Computing, Faculty
Bescia University
Research Focus:

“I conducted research alongside my mentor, Pavel Lougovski to help build a photonic quantum computer, which, unlike the common digital computer, uses quantum objects like photons, atoms, ions, and molecules to perform digital processing tasks. Fully functional quantum computers have long been considered by scientists as a quicker, more powerful alternative to classical computers.”

Experience Gained:

“The VFP program provided me, originally an atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) theoretical physicist, the unique opportunity to advance in an area of quantum computing, which I’ve studied since 2002. One day, my collaborators and I just might succeed in building a fully operational quantum computer, an accomplishment that would revolutionize scientist’s ability to understand the world we live in.”

Thoughts on the Program:

“I very much liked that there were practically no distractions from doing research during my stay at ORNL. The amount of time spent writing reports was very reasonable. The experience was great and provided a nice opportunity for collaboration. I would recommend it to others.”

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