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Faculty Research Opportunities

Photo courtesy of Morgan State University

Photo courtesy of Morgan State University.

College and university faculty looking to liven their classroom lectures with the application of authentic laboratory research should look no further. Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) science education programs provide short- and long-term collaborations for either faculty-only or teacher-student teams with one of our world-class science and engineering partners.

The length of our faculty programs vary greatly—from year-long sabbaticals to summer internships—but regardless of the program’s duration, the experience will expand your daily lessons beyond the traditional university setting.

Current Research Opportunities for Faculty

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Opportunity NumberOpportunity TitleOrganization
HBCU-MEI-2015-0017Investigation of the Potential of Water Injection to Control Low Temperature CombustionOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0016High Yield Process for Liginin-Based Activated Carbon FibersOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0015Provably Secure Time Stamp Distribution for the Electric GridOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0014Synthesis and characterization of two-dimensional materialsOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0013Large-Scale Cluster State Generation for Fault Tolerant Quantum ComputationOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0012Nonlinear Nanophotonics with Ultrastrong Plasmonic CouplingOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0011Characterization of inulinase-expressing Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains-consolidated bioprocessingOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0010Quantum-enhanced plasmonic ultra-trace sensorsOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0009Predicting Climate Feedbacks from Microbial Function in Tropical EcosystemsOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
HBCU-MEI-2015-0008Untangling the role of boundaries, defects, and interfaces in two-dimensional inorganic materialsOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
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