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Postdoctoral Fellows Research Opportunities

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Photo courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

If you are currently pursuing your doctorate, or have already achieved your doctorate but would like to obtain some additional training within your chosen field of study, Oak Ridge Associated Universities’ (ORAU) science education programs offer the long-term research appointments to fit your needs.

Current Research Opportunities for Postdocs

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Opportunity NumberOpportunity TitleOrganization
ARS-DWMRU-2015-0056Hydrologist/Water Quality Research Postdoctoral ResearchU.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
EPA-ORD/NRMRL-APPCD-2014-06Chemical and Optical Characterization of Light Absorbing Organic AerosolsU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
FDA-CDER-2014-0071Generic Drug Quality Control FellowshipU.S. Food and Drug Administration
EPA-ORD/NRMRL-WSWRD-2014-07Drinking Water Disinfectants & Water Storage Tank Sediment, Pipe Materials, & Biofilm ReactionsU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
CDC-NCCDPHP-2015-0001Behavioral Economics – Nutrition & Obesity FellowshipCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
RPP-BETO-2015-1002Bioenergy – Demonstration & Market TransformationDepartment of Energy (DOE)
RPP-BETO-2015-1001Bioenergy – Conversion Research and DevelopmentDepartment of Energy (DOE)
DHHS-ODPHP-2015-0103Health Policy FellowshipU.S. Department of Health and Human Services
NETL-Postdoc Materials ScientistPostdoc Materials Scientist/Chemist/Solid-State PhysicistNational Energy Technology Laboratory
CDC-NCEZID-2014-0061Genomic Sequencing FellowshipCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
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