Chrome River/TIMS FAQ’s

Q: I don’t have a login for Chrome River.  How do I get one?

A: Send an e-mail to, requesting an account. Please provide your external approvers (mentor/supervisor,etc.) name and e-mail address. We will verify your program information and create an account for you.

Q: How do I create a travel request or Expense Report?

A:  We refer to a travel request as a PA (for Pre-Authorization) and an expense report is called an ER. Refer to the list of Job Aids on the ORAU Travel Central website at

Q: Upon completing my PA (Pre-Approval), I discovered that my external approver (mentor, coordinator, etc.) is not on the selection list.  What do I do?

A:  Save your information in Chrome River and contact SAWD’s Travel Central (865-576-6500 or and provide your external approvers name and e-mail address.

Q:  My program requires multiple approvers prior to submitting my travel.  Chrome River only provides the ability to submit the approval electronically to one external approver.  What do I do?

A:  At the top right-hand corner of the PA, there is a place to upload images.  You can attach an e-mail approval or other documents to your PA.

Request Expense Pre-Approval

Q:  The PA only allows me to add two destinations and provide expenses for two lodging locations.  What if I have two or more?

A:  For the destinations, please add additional destinations information in the “Other Information” section.  For the lodging expenses, you may combine estimated costs for multiple lodging locations by noting the information in the provided information box.  Sample below:

Lodging Expenses screen cap

Q: How do I request a Cash Advance or Advance Reimbursement?

A: On the PA, under the Lodging and Meals expenses, you will a checkbox like the one below:

Meals expenses screen cap


.….and/or, if you have already paid for a registration fee or need to pay a Reg Fee in advance, you will see a checkbox under the Reg Fee expense section of the PA:

Registration Fee expenses screen capture


If you check either or both of these boxes, your Travel Central contact will make the requests for you.

Q:  How do I cancel my trip?

A: If very soon, contact Travel Central at (865) 576-6500 ASAP.  If later in the future, you may e-mail them at

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