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Travel Manual


All files are provided as Word documents unless otherwise noted.

Table of Contents

Searchable Travel Manual (PDF) (Posted October 2014)


Travel Reimbursement Guidelines Manual Attachment 1 (word) (Updated 11/30/09)

Travel Authorization Letter Manual Attachment 2 (word) (updated 11/30/09)

ORISE Foreign Travel Guidelines Manual Attachment 3 (word) (Updated 11/30/09)

Travel Billed to Third Party Manual Attachment 4 (Word) (Updated 11/30/2009)

Certification for Use of a Non-U.S. Flag Air Carrier For Official Government Travel Manual Attachment 5 (Word) (Updated 11/23/2009)

Lodging Waiver Request Manual Attachment 6 (Excel) (Updated 11/23/2009)

Requests for Approval of Foreign Travel 

Single Trip Request for Approval of Foreign Travel Manual Attachment 7a (Word) (Updated 11/23/2009)

Multiple Trips Request for Approval of Foreign Travel Manual Attachment 7b (Word) (Updated 11/23/2009)

Foreign Travel Abstract Manual Attachment 8 (word) (Updated 11/30/09)

Inbound Moving Policy Manual Attachment 9 (Word) (Updated 11/30/09)

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