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ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing (HPC) Grant Program

Summit supercomputer at ORNL

Image courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing Grants Program

No new awards were announced for FY 2016. The High Performance Computing Grants program will be discontinued on Dec. 31, 2016, with no further awards being made.


The program was established to encourage new and expand existing research initiatives among ORAU member institutions using high-performance computing systems. The program was managed and funded by ORAU and open only to ORAU’s member institutions. A total of 14 grants were awarded—four in FY 2009, two in FY 2010, four in FY 2012, and two in FY 2013 and two in FY 2015. No grants were awarded during FY 2011 or FY 2014.

2015 HPC Grant Program Winners

Two recipients and two ORNL principal investigators were awarded High Performance Computing grants for 2015:

  • Dr. Jerry Bernholc, Department of Physics, North Carolina State University
    ORNL Principal Investigator: Dr. An-Ping Li, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
  • Dr. Edward Lyman, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delaware
    ORNL Principal Investigator: Dr. Xiaolin Cheng, Computer Science and Mathematics Division