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Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Education Institutions (HBCU/MEI) Council

ORAU Sponsors Opportunities to Increase Minority Research Participation Through HBCU/MEI Council

HBCU/MEI research program participant in the laboratory

The ORAU HBCU/MEI Council at their 2013 annual meeting. Click image to enlarge.

What America’s historically black colleges and universities and minority-serving education institutions may lack in material resources for scientific research, they more than make up for in talent, ingenuity and expertise.

ORAU recognizes these capabilities and places a high priority on building relationships between these schools and some of the larger laboratories and research universities in America.

Among the full complement of ORAU member institutions are 26 universities that comprise the Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Education Institutions (HBCU/MEI) Council.

Members of the HBCU/MEI Council are all engaged in leading-edge science and technology and are recognized as competitive and strategic business partners.

HBCU/MEI Council Steering Committee

The ORAU HBCU/MEI Council is led by a Steering Committee representing three of the Council member institutions:

  • Dr. Mildred D. Huff Ofosu, Morgan State University (chair)
  • Dr. Curtis Charles, Fayetteville State University (co-chair)
  • Dr. Andres Gil, Florida International University (co-chair)

HBCU/MEI Council Member Institutions

Below is a list of the schools that are members of ORAU’s HBCU/MEI Council, including the faculty member that serves as each university’s ORAU councilor.

Mildred Ofosu

Mildred Ofosu
Morgan State University
HBCU/MEI Steering Committee Council Chair

“As the Steering Committee Chair, my vision for the HBCU/MEI Council is to have all minority education institutions obtain the capacity required to earn membership with and benefit from ORAU's services and programs. The HBCU/MEI institutions need to increase and enhance research careers for faculty and students in STEM fields. In addition, I believe key focus areas for the council to target should include 

a) technology transfer infrastructure and commercialization 
b) broadening participation in STEM research and education
c) nuclear engineering
d) cybersecurity
e) bioinformatics and
f) emergency preparedness.

Curtis Charles

Curtis B. Charles, Ph.D.
Fayetteville State University HBCU/MEI Council Steering Committee Co-Chair

“The ORAU HBCU/MEI Council will collaborate with public, private sector, industry and national laboratory partners to pioneer new ways to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurial STEM professionals. Our focus will be to position our HBCU/MEI institutions as the ‘go-to’ places to find best value solutions that encourage continuous creation of new knowledge that’s put to practical use.”

Andres Gil

Andres G. Gil, Ph.D.
Florida International University
HBCU/MEI Council Steering Committee Co-Chair

“As co-chair of the Steering Committee, my goals for the HBCU/MEI Council are to foster greater strategic communication and collaboration across all MEIs in order to increase opportunities for faculty and students in key areas such as STEM research and education, high performance computing, and technology transfer and commercialization.”