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GSA Schedules

GSA schedules provide access to a range of ORAU services

ORAU has GSA schedule contracts that may be used by federal agencies.

Professional Services Schedule | Human Resources Services | Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue

The Professional Services Schedule

GSA has consolidated serviceGSA has consolidated services previously offered through separate GSA schedule contracts under its Professional Services Schedule (Schedule 00CORP).

Contract Number: GS-00F-195CA
Contract Period: 07/20/2015 – 07/19/2020
ORAU Professional Services Schedule pricelist (MS-Word)

ORAU services now offered under the Professional Services Schedule include environmental consulting, training and remediation services:

  • C899-1 Environmental Planning Services & Documentation
  • C899-3 Environmental Occupational Training Services
  • C899-8 Remediation Services

ORAU’s Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) Special Item Numbers include the following:

  • C874-1 Integrated Consulting Services
  • C874-4 Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education Courses, Course Development and Test Administration

ORAU provides the following Advertising & Integrated Marketing Services (AIMS):

  • 541-4A Market Research and Analysis
  • 541-5 Integrated Marketing Services

Schedule summary on GSA website

Human Resources and EEO Services, Schedule 738 X

Contract Number: GS-02F-0197X
Contract Period: 07/05/2016 – 07/04/2021
ORAU Human Resources and EEO Services pricelist (PDF)

Schedule 738 X provides access to support in planning, recruiting and related services included within the following Special Item Number:

  • SIN 595-21 Human Resources Services (excluding EEO Services)

Schedule summary on GSA website