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Quality Assurance Tips for Fluoroscopic Image Evaluation Low-Contrast Performance (February 1987)


Darkroom Fog (October 1987)


Typical Patient Fluoroscopic Exposure Rate (December 1987)


Darkroom Safelights - One Easy Lesson (April 1989)


kVp Ranges for Various Routine Exams (January 1990)


Grids (March 1990)


CT System Survey "More than just MSAD" (May 1990)


Testing of Dental Panoramic X-Ray Systems Using CT Chamber (December 1990)


Maintaining Film Processing Quality in Low Volume Processors (April 1991)


Tube Warm-Up and the On-Off Question (December 1991)


Processor Sensitometric Control (December 1992)


Test Stand Modifications (June 1995)


Dental Device for the Normalization and Monitoring of Intraoral Film Processing Systems (April 1998)


Developing a Technique Chart for a CT System Why is it Important? (October 1998)


Automatic Dental Film Processors (October 2000)


Computed Tomography Fluoroscopy (February 2001)


Entrance Skin Exposures (ESE) from Ion Chamber Readings (April 2001)


Dose-Area Product (DAP) (October 2001)


Beam Quality: Total Filtration and Half-Value Layer (October 2001)