Appendix A: Acronyms

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CFR Code of Federal Regulations
DFO Disaster Field Office
DOC Department of Commerce
DOD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
DOI Department of the Interior
DOJ Department of Justice
DOS Department of State
DOT Department of Transportation
EICC Emergency Information and Coordination Center
EO Executive Order
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ERT Emergency Response Team
ERT-A Emergency Response Team-Advance Element
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCO Federal Coordinating Officer
FECC Federal Emergency Communications Coordinator
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FRERP Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan
FRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center
FRP Federal Response Plan
FRPCC Federal Radiological Preparedness Coordinating Committee
GIS Geographical Information Systems
GSA General Services Administration
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
JIC Joint Information Center
JOC Joint Operations Center
LFA Lead Federal Agency
MERRT Medical Emergency Radiological Response Team
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCC National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications
NCS National Communications System
NDA National Defense Area
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (DOC)
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NSA National Security Area
OSC Onscene Commander
PAG Protective Action Guide
PIO Public Information Officer
RAP Radiological Assistance Program (DOE)
RECP Regional Emergency Communications Planner
SCO State Coordinating Officer
SFO Senior FEMA Official
TLD Thermoluminescent dosimeter
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
VA Department of Veterans Affairs

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