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RIS 08-17

Voluntary Security Enhancements for Self-Contained Irradiators Containing Cesium Chloride Sources

RIS 08-16

Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations

RIS 08-13

Status and Plans for Implementation of NRC Regulatory Authority for Certain Naturally Occurring and Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Material

RIS 08-12

Considerations For Extended Interim Storage Of Low-Level Radioactive Waste By

Fuel Cycle And Materials Licensees

RIS 08-11

Precautions To Protect Children Who May Come In Contact With Patients Released After Therapeutic Administration Of Iodine-131

RIS 08-03

Return/Re-use of Previously Discharged Radioactive Effluents

RIS 08-02

Actions to Increase the Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources

RIS 07-28

Security Requirements for Portable Gauges

RIS 07-27

Improving Public Understanding of the Risks Associated with Medical Events

RIS 07-23

Date for Operation of National Source Tracking System

RIS 07-18

Data for Updating the Interim Inventory of Radioactive Sources

RIS 07-13

Verification of the Authenticity of Materials Possession Licenses

RIS 07-07

Clarification of Increased Controls for Licensees That Possess Collocated Radioactive Material During Transportation Activities

RIS 07-04

Personally Identifiable Information Submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

RIS 07-03

Ionizing Radiation Warning Symbol

RIS 06-26

Training and Experience and Grandfather Provisions for Authorized Medical Physicists under 10 CFE Part 35

RIS 06-25

Requirements for the Distribution and Possession of Tritium Exit Signs and the Requirements in 10 CFR 31.5 and 32.51a

RIS 06-19

Availability of Guidance on Radioactive Seed Localization

RIS 06-18

Requesting Exemption from the Public Dose Limits for Certain Caregivers of Hospital Patients

RIS 05-24

Control of Radiation Dose to Visitors of Hospital Patients

RIS 05-23

Clarification of the Physical Presence Requirement During Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatments

RIS 05-21

Clarification of the Reporting Requirements in 10 CFR 20.2201

RIS 05-15

Reporting Requirements for Damaged Industrial Radiographic Equipment

RIS 05-13

NRC Incident Response and the National Response Plan

RIS 05-12

Transportation of Radioactive Material Quantities of Concern NRC Threat Advisory and Protective Measures System

RIS 05-10

Performance-Based Approach for Associated Equipment in 10 CFR 34.20

RIS 05-08

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-08: Endorsement of Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Guidance "Range of Protective Actions for Nuclear Power Plant Incidents"

RIS 05-06

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-06: Reporting Requirements for Gauges Damaged at Temporary Job Sites

RIS 05-03

10 CFR Part 40 Exemptions for Uranium Contained in Aircraft Counterweights - Storage and Repair

RIS 04-020

Lessons Learned from Review of 10 CFR Parts 71 and 72 Applications

RIS 04-017r1

Revised Decay-In-Storage Provisions for the Storage of Radioactive Waste Containing Byproduct Material

RIS 04-017

Revised Decay-in-Storage Provisions for the Storage of Radioactive Waste Containing Byproduct Material

RIS 04-01

Method for Estimating Effective Dose Equivalent from External Radiation Sources Using Two Dosimeters

RIS 03-4

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2003-04: Use of the Effective Dose Equivalent in Place Of the Deep Dose Equivalent in Dose Assessments

RIS 02-20

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-20: Clarification of Requirements Under 10 CFR 35.432,"Calibration Measurements of Brachytherapy Sources"

RIS 02-19

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-19: New Modalities to be Regulated under 10 CFR 35.1000

RIS 02-10

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-10: Revision of the Skin Dose Limit in 10 CFR Part 20

RIS 02-6

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-06: Evaluating Occupational Dose for Individuals Exposed to NRC-licensed Material and Medical X-rays

RIS 02-2

Lessons Learned Related to Recently Submitted Decommissioning Plans and License Termination Plans

RIS 01-13

10 CFR Part 40 Exemptions For Uranium Contained in Aircraft Counterweights

RIS 01-7

10 CFR 50.75(f)(1) Reports on the Status of Decommissioning Funds (Due March 31, 2001)

RIS 01-5

Guidance on Submitting Documents to the NRC by Electronic Information Exchange or on CD-ROM