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ORAU supports area schools by awarding thousands in annual education grants

Science education investment begins early with funding for programs and materials in East Tennessee classrooms

Anderson County School teachers and staff at the 2017 ORAU Education Grants ceremony.

ORAU is committed to improving educational opportunities across the country, but we also have a strong commitment to K-12 schools in our own backyard.

Since 2002—the beginning of the ORAU Education Grant program—ORAU has provided more than $487,000 to area schools for projects that complement ORAU’s mission of enriching science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs.

In 2017, ORAU awarded teachers and administrators from 14 East Tennessee schools more than $36,000 in grants to fulfill a variety of educational programs and equipment requests.

The grant monies funded projects including iPads, laptops, Math and Movement kits. Read the full news release on the winners of the 2017 Education Grant program.