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ORAU History - 1960

The year 1960 marked the 14th year of operation for the Oak Ridge Research Participation Program (now known as Science Education and Workforce Development Programs). Sixty-seven faculty members from various universities participated in research at a national laboratory that year.

The Oak Ridge Traveling Lecture Program conducted 218 lectures in 1960 at 33 Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies (ORINS) sponsoring and 69 nonsponsoring universities.

The Museum Division’s two units of the new, large, temporary installation-type exhibit, “You and the Atom,” were operated throughout the entire year of 1960. One unit was on display for 100 days at Oregon Centennial in Portland. Jumbo exhibits were presented in 29 locations in 21 states. New exhibits were constructed for the American Museum of Atomic Energy, and the traveling exhibits program was presented in the two new states: Alaska and Hawaii.

A new linear scanner and a new research scanner were put into operation in the Medical Division in 1960. That same year, the division began immunology and microbiology programs, and staff began operating the Medium Exposure Total Body Irradiator (METBI).

The new total body irradiation facility was completed as the division's emphasis turned to studying the effects of small doses of radiation given to the whole body in various diseases.

The first patient was treated in the Medical Division’s new total body irradiation facility in May 1960. The patient would lie in a uniform density bed at the center of the room and receive a controlled amount of radiation emitted from eight, 500-curie cesium-137 sources with filters located at each corner of the room.