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ORAU History - 1962

Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies’ (ORINS) traveling exhibit program, which included the “Atoms for Peace” exhibits, ended in 1962 after more than five years in operation, but the high school demonstration program expanded.

The one-millionth visitor was welcomed to the American Museum of Atomic Energy (later renamed the American Museum of Science and Energy), and the 50-millionth person visited the traveling exhibits.

Dr. Gould Andrews, who began his career with ORINS in 1949 as chief of hematology, became division chairman of the Medical Division.

In collaboration with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), New York University, and a New York-based educational television company, ORINS’ Dr. Ralph Overman prepared a series of 12 programs on the basic scientific principles concerning radiation. “Understanding the Atom” was also used in high school and college science courses.

Construction began on ORINS’ 18,000-square-foot Technical Library Building. Later, this same facility was known as the Energy Building. Today, it is designated as MC-120.