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ORAU History - 1971

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) celebrated its 25th anniversary in October 1971. ORAU marked the day by signing its sixth long-term contract with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) for a five-year period ending on June 30, 1977.

ORAU’s Special Training Division

ORAU’s Special Training Division (now referred to as Radiation Sciences Training) responded to a heightened awareness of the effects of nuclear energy on the environment by offering courses and conferences that addressed the fundamental aspects of radiation and related environmental aspects. As part of these courses, participants collected samples and measured the radioactive uptake.

In March 1971, 125 government and academic population specialists gathered in Oak Ridge for the Southern Regional Demographic Group’s first meeting, a three-day symposium that examined major trends in population growth and distribution that emerged from the 1970 census.

In October 1971, the Training and Technology (TAT) Program began the transition to becoming an Industrial Training Center for AEC contractors in the eastern United States. Participants were also expanded to include veterans.

In 1971, the AEC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agreed to support the new Center for Information on Internal Dosimetry at ORAU as a means to collect, interpret, and correlate information on internal dosimetry of radiopharmaceuticals. The FDA continues to use the Center's information in weighing the benefits versus the risks of using a radiopharmaceutical for either diagnosis or treatment of diseases.

The AEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, begun in 1963 and administered by ORAU, was terminated when the last three fellows completed their appointments during the 1970-71 year. A similar fate fell to the AEC’s Special Fellowships in Nuclear Science and Engineering, also administered by ORAU. In the fall of 1970, it was announced that when the current 40 first-year fellows completed the third year of their appointment, the program would be terminated.