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ORAU History - 1975

In 1975, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) was dissolved. In its place, the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) were created, demonstrating a broader-based concern for the many aspects of energy.

Prompted by poor understanding of some diseases related to energy-production technologies and long-term impact of daily exposures to external and internal radiations and chemical intoxicants, the Medical and Health Sciences Division began in 1975 to place a new emphasis on the epidemiology of disorders related to the environment.

American Museum of Science and Energy

The American Museum of Science and Energy’s new $3.5 million building with new exhibits was opened in Oak Ridge on February 17, 1975.

The Special Training Division (now referred to as Radiation Sciences Training) began offering courses in environmental problems in 1975. For example, a course was given in applied ecology and another in trace analysis of environmental pollutants.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) established a Washington office in 1975 as part of the Institute for Energy Analysis program. This office maintained liaison with government agencies involved in energy research and undertook research on aspects of the energy situation that was more easily done in Washington than in Oak Ridge.

To meet national goals for optimum protection of health while new and old means for producing energy were being developed and expanded, ORAU began the Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS). Since its inception in 1975, this radiation accident management facility provides an important regional abilitiy for emergency treatment, including decontamination, radiation damage assessment, and patient care during the critical days following a major radiation exposure.

Research on human radiosensitivity and accident victim histories, as well as training of medical personnel for response to radiation accidents, as shown here, are also conducted at REAC/TS.