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ORAU History - 1993

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) more than $6 million in a three-year contract to support their prestigious Graduate Fellowship Programs. ORAU was assigned management of the application-processing phases of the Graduate Research Fellowship Program and the Minority Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

ORAU’s Science and Technology Policy Committee, after two polls of ORAU member institutions and thorough discussion and analysis, published the report “Teaching or/and Research.” Respondents agreed that key decision makers need to understand the benefits for students and professors from interchange and cross-fertilization of ideas between teaching and research.

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education’s (ORISE) Center for Human Reliability Studies (CHRS), under Jerry Eisele’s leadership expanded in the 1990s to include workplace violence prevention. One element was an eight-hour orientation, “Detecting Unusual Behavior in the Workplace,” which offered guidance to supervisors in evaluating worker behavior that may threaten national security or nuclear safety.

Jerry Eisele leads ORISE’s Center for Human Reliability Studies