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ORAU History - 1994

The International Alliance for Higher Education (IAHE) was established in March 1994. Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) and the Association of Russian Institutions of Higher Education signed a historic agreement in Moscow to establish the partnership link for IAHE’s work in Russia. The goal was for students and education leaders in New Independent States to have access to the scientific, technical, business, and educational resources of the West, and vice versa.

In May 1994, the University Isotope Separator at Oak Ridge (UNISOR) obtained a Recoil Mass Spectrometer (RMS)—one of five in the world—to help researchers identify in microseconds the mass of the products of nuclear reactions.

The Science/Engineering Education Division (now referred to as Science Education and Workforce Development Programs) staff helped teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and other educators through a new program, Manufacturing Opportunities Through Science and Technology (MOST). They used computer-aided design equipment and various machinery to gain firsthand knowledge and teaching skills in the area of manufacturing technology.

The division worked with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). This helps those states that have not traditionally received significant federal funding for science and technology research to be more competitive in these areas.

Staff in the Radiation Internal Dose Information Center (RIDIC) began developing a systematic computer model that would allow patient-specific dosimetry to be calculated for patients undergoing treatment with radiopharmaceuticals. The model would allow physicians to determine specifically how much of a radioisotope compound a patient would need to effectively treat a malignant tumor without unduly damaging any other organ.