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ORAU History - 2007

Artist’s rendering of the Center for Science Education, also known as MC-100, on ORAU’s main campus. Image courtesy of Anderson Illustration Associates.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) broke ground on its main campus for a Center for Science Education, which will house all employees who administer the more than 150 science education programs managed by ORAU/Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. The center will feature an interactive, technology-rich classroom, designed to link K-12 teachers with the cutting-edge research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory re-opened on ORAU’s South Campus to serve as a national response resource for calculating radiation doses for those accidentally exposed to ionizing radiation.

ORAU’s national security experts planned and coordinated the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) role and served as part of DOE’s response team in the Top Officials 4 Full-Scale Exercise (T4 FSE). T4 FSE was the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s comprehensive counterterrorism exercise, which tested the United States’ ability to respond to three almost simultaneous terrorist attacks involving radiological weapons of mass destruction.