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Pollard Technology Conference Center

Meeting center allows ORAU to serve as gathering place for science leaders and the local community

The Pollard Technology Conference Center, located on the main campus of ORAU, provides a central meeting place for science and technology leaders as well as community members in the heart of Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Built in 1982, Pollard Auditorium, as it was originally known, was conceived as a meeting place for scientists, technology leaders, researchers, ORAU employees and community members from the Oak Ridge area. It was named in honor of ORAU’s first president, William G. Pollard, who had an enduring vision for bringing key people and resources together in ways that benefitted the world around them much greater than any single person or institution could do alone.

The Pollard Technology Conference Center is named in honor of ORAU’s first president, Dr. William G. Pollard.

Featuring a 300-seat auditorium, an oversized lobby, and four breakout rooms, the center can accommodate meetings of many sizes from small staff gatherings to large community events.

In 2004, the facility underwent a major facelift thanks in part to funds from a Small Business Administration grant secured by U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp in cooperation with the city of Oak Ridge. The reconfiguration called for a new name and thus the venerable Pollard Auditorium became the Pollard Technology Conference Center.

Although the addition of high tech features like plasma monitors, sound systems, digital projectors and teleconferencing capabilities brought Pollard into the modern world, the vision for the center’s purpose remains the same. Meetings ranging from training for ORAU employees to gatherings for DOE employees and contractors, to musical and cultural performances by Oak Ridge community groups all find their home at the Pollard Technology Conference Center.

If you would like to learn more about Pollard’s features or perhaps book your next event there, please visit the Pollard Technology Conference Center website.