The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Research Associateship Program (RAP) Summer Journeyman Fellowship Program allows undergraduates, graduates students and recent postgraduates at the bachelor’s and master’s level to engage in research initiatives of their own choice, that are compatible with the interests of the government and will potentially contribute to the general effort of the ARL. Scientists and engineers at ARL help shape and execute the Army's program for meeting the challenge of developing technologies that will support Army forces in meeting future operational needs. It is also the fourth component of the ARL’s Research Associateship Program (RAP).

The 2017 ARL Summer Journeyman Fellowship Program is now accepting applications.

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How to Apply

  1. Submit your application online. Only ONE application is needed for all projects and programs. Additionally, please have the items listed below available for uploading into the on-line application system.
  2. Resume (include list of any papers, presentations, or publications)
  3. Transcripts from current school, original student copies are acceptable (students, postgraduates and certificate applicants only)
  4. References
    References are not typically required for the Summer Journeyman Fellows, but contact information is required on the application. During the review process, some Advisors/Selecting Officials may request references for further evaluation. To submit a reference, locate the automated email response sent from ORAU upon receipt of successful application submission, it will contain the reference link. Send this link to persons familiar with your educational and/or professional qualifications. If you have problems locating the link, please email
  5. Complete a paragraph, statement, or proposal (no more than one page) of your desired research interest. This topic should relate to a specific opportunity.
  6. Please remember to save your username and password to login to your account and make changes/updates to your application, or to apply for projects.

All applications and supporting materials will be forwarded to Program Officials for review.