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Relocation Assistance

ORAU Offers Relocation Assistance to New Employees Meeting Specific Criteria

ORAU Employees

Congratulations on your employment with ORAU!

Eligible employees and participants can obtain relocation assistance through ORAU. At your manager’s approval, ORAU will arrange and pay for the commercial move of household goods. To qualify, you must be an authorized new employee and/or participant who accepts an appointment within ORAU. You must reside 50 or more miles from your new appointed work location. House-hunting/medical trips may also be covered under your relocation ceiling. Check with your contact to find out if this applies to you.

Some important information to consider:

  • The maximum amount of household goods that may be commercially transported is limited to 18,000 pounds. Normally, up to 60 days of temporary storage is permitted, but can be less depending on the terms of your appointment letter. Check with your ORAU contact to verify accuracy of number of days which you are allowed.
  • Number of pickups of household goods is limited to two, within a 50-mile radius of one another.
  • Approved carriers that can be used to ship household goods can be found on the GSA website.
  • ORAU has negotiated rates through various commercial carriers. If your household move is processed through our office, payment of the move is made once we receive the invoice. This means you would not have to pay up front and request reimbursement. Any amount over your designated ceiling would be an out-of-pocket expense.
  • In order to avoid storage charges, you must make arrangements to accept delivery of your commercial goods within the window that the carrier has established for you.
  • One vehicle can be transported commercially. In most cases, the vehicle and household goods can be coordinated so that both take place simultaneously. No goods can be stored in a vehicle that is being transported. If you wish to drive your vehicle, mileage reimbursement will be authorized at the prevailing GSA mileage rates.
  • Reimbursements of expenses that you may incur during your move will be handled through your contact at ORAU.

All household moves should be handled through the ORAU Records Property and Relocation Department. Any questions regarding a potential household move may be directed to or (865) 576-3028.