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2009 ORAU Extreme Classroom Makeover Winner Ms. Alvey Shares Her Top 10 Tips for Producing a Submission Video

  1. Let your students be the stars of the show!!!!
  2. Definitely have audio you that can hear in your video.
  3. Make sure you have correctly uploaded your video when you are finished.
  4. Be creative with all aspects of your video!!!
  5. Include how you would use the new pieces of technology within your new room.
  6. Discuss the pieces of technology currently featured within your classroom and the ways in which you and your students use these various pieces.
  7. Working with video for the first time is a slow process. Plan on it taking more time than you have anticipated, especially when editing.
  8. Plan......Plan.....Plan.....The more planning and adhering to a plan, the better off your video will be.
  9. Talk with your building level tech coordinator (BLTC) about helping you make your video.  If you don't have a BLTC, then talk with someone in your county’s technology department.
  10. Let your student’s come up with a theme for your video.