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Mrs. Burkhart’s Technology Arsenal

Even before she was announced as ORAU’s 2012 Extreme Classroom Makeover winner, Mrs. Burkhart understood the importance of technology in the classroom. The fifth-grade math and science teacher regularly incorporated a handful of technologies into her curriculum; however, it was a $30,000 boost from ORAU that ultimately transformed her technology toolbox into a full-blown educational arsenal.


  • 1 Promethean Board
  • 1 Promethean projector
  • 28 Promethean interactive clickers
  • 10 MacBook Airs
  • 14 iPads
  • 1 Color Laser Printer



  • Bumpers for interactive clickers
  • Covers for iPads
  • Covers for MacBook Airs


  • 24 Desks
  • 36 Chairs
  • 1 large table


  • Office for Mac
  • Apple Remote
  • iWork
  • Parallels System

Today, Mrs. Burkhart’s made-over classroom illustrates the limitless boundaries that every teacher can experience when armed with the right tools for engaging and inspiring more students to pursue math- and science-based careers.