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Math, Movement, and the Common Core
Math, Movement, and the Common Core is a teacher professional development workshop where educators develop kinesthetic strategies to use in their classrooms. During the workshop, Math & Movement Stations allow educators learn how to incorporate the concept of Math & Movement to help students learn. Application of the techniques learned in this workshop can be used to enhance student learning of the Common Core Math Standards. Teachers are encouraged to attend Math & Movement Mini-Academy to assist students and watch them in action!

Math and Movement students and teacher

Math & Movement Mini-Academy
A three day program for K-5th grade students. The first day of the academy is intended for kindergarten through second grade students while the second and third days target third through fifth grade students. Throughout the academy, students partake in exercises that are fun for students and help them develop valuable mathematics concepts and skills.

Check back in March 2018 for the Summer 2018 schedule of this free workshop and for more information on how to sign up.

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