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Siemens Teachers as Researchers (STARs)

Training program provides middle and high school STEM teachers with world-class laboratory research experience

The STARs program was discontinued in 2015.

Have you ever wanted to be part of scientific research team? Have you ever wanted to bring the excitement of authentic research into the classroom?  Siemens Teachers as Researchers will provide the experience, resources, and contacts you need to do just that! 

Siemens Teachers as Researchers is a two-week, residential professional development program, all expenses paid*, in which teachers will engage in mentored research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN. A total of 40 teachers are selected from the field of applicants for two separate periods at ORNL.

STARs provides middle school and high school STEM teachers the opportunity to engage with top scientists and researchers on short-term research projects about current topics of national interest that are related to ongoing research at the laboratory.

STARs Highlights - Session 1, 2014

STARs Highlights - Session 2, 2014

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In their own words - former STARs participants

Latosha Caves

“One of the best things about being a Siemen’s Star is the opportunity to meet likeminded educators from across the country. This experience has been a renewal process for me. During the past week I have sharpened skills I haven’t used in years.”

–Latosha Caves, 2013 STARs participant

Tom Perry

“The STARs Program has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Working with the ORNL and ORAU staffs has created a deeper understanding of the process of pure research for me. Through my ORNL mentors, I have gained physical science lab ideas that I can easily incorporate into my classroom to help broaden my students’ perspective on what constitutes research and the scientific process in general. To them, I say ‘Bravo!’”

–Tom Perry, 2013 STARs participant

Jamie Wiegel

“The STARs program has been an invaluable experience for me. It has allowed me to see the diversity of disciplines, skills, and people that it takes to answer scientific problems, to develop new tools and practices, and to understand nature.

“It is definitely awesome to see so many different people using their individual skills working collaboratively to answer the big questions that will push us further into the 21st century.”

–Jamie Wiegel, 2013 STARs participant

Larry Griffin

“The STARs experience has given me the invaluable opportunity to become an active participant in solving some of today’s most challenging problems. Working with ORNL scientists and staff has afforded me unique insight into understanding the educational needs required to accomplish such tasks. It is this hands-on experience coupled with understanding the educational needs of industry that will guide my focus and direction as an educator so that my students are sufficiently prepared to help solve these problems.”

–Larry Griffin, 2013 STARs participant