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DOE Order 458.1 key requirements

ORAU summarizes six key takeaways of new DOE Order on radiation protection of the public and environment

Health physicists conducting roperty clearance

ORAU has reviewed the new DOE Order 458.1, Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment, and identified six particular areas that comprise the key requirements. One of those requirements includes the need for a property release and clearance program that satisfies the independent verification guidance for both “real” and “personal” property.

The U.S. Department of Energy has issued DOE Order 458.1, Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment. This order effectively supersedes Order 5400.5* (with the same title), which was originally issued in 1990.

DOE Order 458.1 contains many important updates and changes relative to its predecessor. ORAU has reviewed Order 458.1 and identified six particular areas we believe comprise the key changes. ORAU can assist you with the practical implementation of Order 458.1 and the new technical standards.

DOE sites must fully implement requirements within 18 months of issuance (~ August 2012), including the following key changes:

  1. Establish and document an Environmental Radiological Protection Program.
  2. Update terminology and methodologies for dosimetry, incorporating guidance from ICRP Report No. 60, Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiation Protection.
  3. Utilize Derived Concentration Standard (DCS) values presented in DOE-STD 1196-2011 “Derived Concentration Technical Standard” for effluent releases. This technical standard updates the Derived Concentration Guides (DCG) listed and used for many years in DOE Order 5400.5.
  4. Release and clear property: Apply a graded approach for release and clearance of real and personal property, which includes the need for independent verification and satisfies the guidance in the MARSSIM and MARSAME.
  5. Document the “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” process.
  6. Develop a substantive response to each requirement in the Contractor Requirements Document to demonstrate compliance with the Order (could be achieved via a compliance matrix that also may serve as the ERPP - subject to approval by DOE).

* DOE Order 458.1, Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment, effectively replaces DOE Order 5400.5 because when the Order was first issued in February 2011, DOE was working on updating the DCGs—listed and used for many years in DOE Order 5400.5—with a revised DCS. In April 2011, this objective was accomplished when DOE issued technical standard DOE-STD-1196-2011. Still ongoing, however, is the effort to revise the DOE surface contamination guideline values listed in Order 5400.5. Until that happens, Order 5400.5 will remain temporarily in effect.

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