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ORAU-ANL Decommissioning Certificate Program

Offered jointly by ORAU and Argonne National Laboratory

ORAU is partnering with Argonne National Laboratory to offer a decommissioning certificate program

Purpose of the Decommissioning Certificate Program

To provide a formal means to document that an individual has achieved a baseline level of training in the subject of facility/site decommissioning.

General Requirements

To complete the certificate program, participants must attend two requisite core courses and one additional elective course. They do not need to be taken in any specific order. After the training requirements have been met, it is the responsibility of the participant to contact the ORAU Registrar and request the Decommissioning Certificate. When it has been confirmed by the ORAU Registrar that the requirements have been completed, the individual will be awarded the Decommissioning Certificate.

At this time, no administrative fees are being imposed for the certificate. The sole expense to the participant is that associated with attending the courses.

Requisite Courses

Participants must attend the following two core courses:

Elective Courses

Participants must attend one elective course from the following:

Issuance of Decommissioning Certificate

For the Decommissioning Certificate to be issued, the participant must provide the ORAU Registrar with documentation that the training requirements have been met. This documentation could consist of copies of the certificates of completion from the core and elective courses. If a certificate of completion for one of the ANL courses is unavailable, it would be acceptable to provide the ORAU Registrar with a letter or e-mail from Argonne National Laboratory confirming that the individual attended the course(s). Without a certificate of completion for one of the ORAU courses, the participant must be able to provide the Registrar with the specific dates that the course(s) was attended and the attendance must be confirmed by the Registrar.

Continuing Education Credits

All of the requisite and elective courses have been assigned at least 16 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) by the American Academy of Health Physics.


For further information or assistance, please contact:

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Sarah Roberts
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