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Assessment services for radiological programs and facilities

ORAU performs audits and assessments to ensure radiological work achieves regulatory compliance

Radiological Cleanup Publications

If your program or facility works with radioactive materials, it is important to provide reassurance to stakeholders and regulators that your radiological control program is being run appropriately with miminal risks to workers, the general population, and the surrounding communities.

The health physicists at ORAU are here to assist by providing audits and assessments that are designed to confirm your facility has an adequate program in place to safely conduct radiological work and meet applicable state and/or federal regulatory compliance guidelines.

Our long-term involvement and experience working with federal and state agencies has prepared our highly qualified staff to provide audit and assessment services for the nuclear power industry and regulatory environment. We offer complete assessment services of procedures and technical documents based on your needs, as well as comprehensive recommendations for improvement.

We focus our radiological audit and assessment efforts in these key areas:

  • Nondestructive assay (NDA)
  • Radiological control programs
  • Environmental monitoring programs
  • Operational environments
  • Decontamination and decommissioning projects
  • Compliance assessments
  • Radiological release programs

ORAU is actively involved in auditing radiological control and environmental compliance programs at multiple sites across the country for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Consolidated Audit Program (DOECAP) and Office of Environmental Management (DOE EM).

Our DOECAP-qualified auditors conduct radiological control audits of treatment storage and disposal (TSDF) and other facilities for DOE. We also take the lead in coordinating and conducting these facility audits as requested.