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Radiation sciences training

ORAU offers laboratory-based, radiation sciences training through its Professional Training Programs

Radiation Sciences Training

Training and educating a highly skilled workforce that can meet operational commitments in the areas of radiation and health physics is an essential part of protecting your workers, the public, and the environment.

Through our Professional Training Programs (PTP), ORAU has offered hands-on, laboratory-based, health physics training for more than 60 years. ORAU conducts a wide variety of courses, including our noteworthy five-week Applied Health Physics course, and multiple one-week offerings.

As budgets shrink, we recognize you must select the health physics courses that provide the greatest return on investment for your training dollars. We believe that our radiation sciences training is the most cost-effective available and we encourage you to consider us for your next health physics course, whether at our recently upgraded facilities in Oak Ridge, Tenn., or as a customized course delivered at your location.

Radiation Sciences Course Descriptions and Schedule

Helping NRC Build Knowledge in Radiation Science through Teaching Lab

Ensuring the safe use of radioactive materials for civilian purposes requires that NRC staff stay current on radiation science techniques and technologies. To that end, NRC tasked ORAU to design, procure, install and maintain a state-of-the-art radiation instructional lab as part of the NRC’s Technical Training Center in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Most beneficially, the lab houses a diverse set of radiation detection technologies that NRC staff are likely to see in their jobs, from high purity germanium detectors to sodium iodide gamma spectrometers and from GeigerMueller detectors to alpha and beta spectroscopy systems. This provides NRC employees the unique opportunity for one-stop education and training so they can better understand the advantages, limitations and characteristics of each technology, as well as how to use the equipment, the health physics principles behind each one and how it is applied in the industry.

NRC instructors at the lab are supplemented by instructors from ORAU Professional Training Programs, which has provided radiation sciences training to NRC since 1992.