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Why Should I Apply?

We are seeking qualified applicants in business and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields for our program. Selected applicants will receive hands-on training in a real-world setting at one of EPA’s Office of Research and Development facilities while contributing to EPA’s Mission.

Among the program benefits are:

  • Specialized research or business support experiences within your field of work/study
  • Professional mentors complementing student’s academic studies
  • Opportunity to network with fellow scientists or business professionals in various technical and administrative fields
  • Professional training and potential career opportunities in numerous fields
  • Flexible scheduling with emphasis on your academic degree
  • Academic credit (where applicable)
  • “Real-world” laboratory or business experience
  • Access to cutting-edge equipment and supplies to complete projects
  • Ability to explore and gain greater access to careers in various fields
  • Competitive salary based on training and locale
  • Travel in support of the EPA’s initiatives


Selected applicants will become temporary employees of ORAU and will receive a competitive salary for hours worked. Hourly rates are based upon position, education, and locale. For more information, see the details of each job description.


Project hours are dependent on EPA’s staffing needs. Projects may be part-time or full-time, up to 40 hours per week. No overtime is approved.


Some positions may require occasional overnight travel. See specific postings for travel expectations.