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Health and Safety Training

ORAU Develops Specialized Training and Education Solutions to Protect Employees Across the Globe

Image of ORAU staff providing instruction on pandemic training materials.

From healthcare professional training to consumer and environmental health education, ORAU specializes in creating customized health and safety training solutions to protect the well-being of employees and the public across the globe. Through web based and live classroom courses, ORAU trains more than 25,000 health, safety and emergency preparedness professionals annually.

Frequently delivered health and safety training services include:

  • Instructional system design
    • E-Learning platforms
    • Interactive simulations
    • Web-based courses
  • Curriculum development, facilitation and evaluation
    • Course pilot testing and outcome evaluation
    • Knowledge gap analysis
    • Online and onsite training
    • Qualification program development
    • Train-the-trainer courses

From traditional classroom to online training, our team of health and safety training experts will help you determine the most effective approach given your needs and resources. Contact us today to learn more about ORAU and the tailored solutions we provide.