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Health Communication Success Stories

health communication professionals

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) is a nationally recognized source for its comprehensive experience in the field of health communication.

For more than 10 years, our projects have addressed numerous, consumer health, occupational health, school health and environmental health topics, including infectious diseases and biological threats…all in the name of improving human lives.

Some of our success stories include:

HPV campaign ad

ORAU Assists CDC in National HPV Immunization Campaign

ORAU and its partner Mediassociates made extensive use of digital media advertisements on targeted websites and social media channels to assist the CDC in its national HPV immunization campaign.

Emergency preparedness

NHSPI™ Provides a Snapshot of Health Security Preparedness

ORAU assisted with the development of the National Health Security Preparedness Index™, which measures and advance the nation’s readiness to protect people during a disaster.

Public health preparednessORAU Wins Award to Assist CDC in Public Health Preparedness and Response Activities

ORAU is providing professional services to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support its efforts in building and strengthening prepared and resilient communities.

Health advisory posterORAU Assists CDC with Improving Messaging on Flu Prevention at U.S.-Mexico Border

ORAU partnered with DOE to support the development of additional Weatherization Training Centers in underserved communities across the nation.

Doctor with mobile deviceHealthCommWorks to Help Health Communicators More Effectively Disseminate Key Messages

ORAU partnered with the CDC to launch HealthCommWorks, which is designed to help health communication professionals develop and disseminate effective messages.

Adolescent immunizationORAU to Assist CDC in Adolescent Immunization Campaign

CDC awards a team led by ORAU with a $2.3 million contract to launch a campaign to promote the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

Virtual Community Reception CenterORAU Develops Virtual Community Reception Center for the CDC

ORAU developed the Virtual Community Reception Center, a 3-D, Web-based training tool that helps the CDC prepare public health officials for mass casualty radiation emergencies.

ORISE Develops Community Assessment Tool for the CDC

ORISE developed the Community Assessment Tool (CAT) for the CDC to help strengthen existing preparedness plans by allowing the health care system and other agencies to work together during a pandemic.

Award-Winning Travelers’ Health Campaign Takes Critical Messages Worldwide

ORISE has played a key role in preparing to get the good-health message out to travelers throughout the United States and beyond for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Customized Training Programs that Assist Healthcare Professionals with Targeting Special Populations

We develop and deliver train-the-trainer courses that increase awareness about health issues that impact minorities and underserved populations.

Radiological Terrorism Toolkit Provides Training for Physicians and Clinicians

ORAU worked with the CDC to prepare healthcare workers to respond locally to mass casualties with potential radiological injuries.