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ORAU Supports Development of Pandemic Influenza Triage Toolkit

Pandemic Influenza Triage Tools logoThe Pandemic Influenza Triage Tools, developed by a team of emergency medicine clinicians, ORAU, and CDC’s Healthcare Preparedness Activity, has now been published.

The Pandemic Influenza Triage Tools are a toolkit for healthcare professionals, community healthcare leaders, and decision makers to manage influenza-like illness (ILI) and medical surge during a pandemic. The toolkit consists of these primary tools:

  • Pandemic Influenza Triage Algorithm: A standardized tool for use by all community healthcare professionals for face-to-face encounters to triage ILI patients.
  • Community Healthcare Decision Making Tool: A tool for use by community healthcare leaders and decision makers to assess medical surge at the community level to mobilize necessary resources during an influenza pandemic, and assist in ensuring patients are directed to appropriate sites of care. The CHDMT consists of the following components:
    • Community Site-of-Care Tool: A tool to determine the appropriate site of care for ILI patients based on assigned PITA levels.
    • Community Healthcare Decision Pathway: Resource and medical surge assessment tool to assist in determining appropriate sites of care in treating patients with assigned PITA levels.
Pandemic Influenza Triage Tools screen capture

These triage tools collectively provide a timely and accurate patient and resource assessment that will help reduce medical surge during an influenza pandemic.

ORAU provided project management, stakeholder coordination, web design and architecture, as well as technical writing to support the development of these tools.