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ORAU Helps Develop CDC Radiation Basics Training

Radiation Basics Made Simple training module provides information about radiation emergencies

Radiation Basics Made Simple, the first in a series of online training modules developed by the Radiation Studies Branch (RSB) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), delivers foundational knowledge about radiation to its audiences.

ORAU, through its long-term collaboration with RSB, provided subject matter expertise and technical support to develop the Radiation Basics Made Simple module. It was released in March 2014.

The module delivers information in a lecture format with animation interspersed to highlight and clarify key points. The lectures feature Armin Ansari, Ph.D., CHP, a health physicist at RSB.

“Our local and state partners had repeatedly asked CDC to produce easily accessible and approachable radiation training materials,” Dr. Ansari says. “The development of this training module was a team effort, and the quality of it is a direct result of contributions from the entire ORAU team.”

Radiation Basics Made Simple module provides the foundation for a new comprehensive training program and introduces topics ranging from natural sources of radiation to radiation emergency preparedness and environmental impact of radiation disasters.

“People need to understand about radiation emergencies. While they are very serious, they are survivable events,” said Kevin Caspary, MPH, health education specialist and a project manager at ORAU.

“People respond well to the information in Radiation Basics Made Simple because Dr. Ansari has a personable, plainspoken approach, and he is nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in health physics,” said Caspary. Dr. Ansari served as president of the Health Physics Society, a professional organization dedicated to excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety, from 2012 to 2013.

The modules in the series are designed to inform public health, emergency management, and medical audiences. The program will feature about 20 modules when it is complete. With assistance from ORAU, one more module will be produced by RSB this year. The modular training program meshes well with training exercises and RSB radiation emergency planning tools.

ORAU has worked extensively with RSB for more than nine years to help deliver trainings in a professional setting and has made a concerted effort to strengthen and improve radiation basics lessons as part of its ongoing projects for RSB.

This module and other training and planning tools are available on the CDC Radiation Emergencies website.