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ORAU Recognizes Staff Excellence with More Than $50,000 in Cash Awards

June 17, 2004

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—Oak Ridge Associated Universities awarded more than $50,000 to 107 employees (17 teams and 2 individuals) at a recent ceremony in the Pollard Technology Conference Center. ORAU’s Achievement Cash Award Program (ACAP) provides cash bonuses and recognizes exemplary contributions and achievements of individual employees and teams directly related to ORAU’s strategic goals. Among the winners were the following three teams.

The Thermography Research Team investigated the feasibility of using infrared cameras to detect deception by changes in skin temperature. This award winning team’s work included developing the study plan, recruiting study participants from the community, evaluating data, and then preparing and publishing their results. The team’s efforts will help increase security in key areas and will significantly impact global methods used for detecting deception.

The SARS Tabletop Exercise Team worked quickly to design, develop, and implement a training program to prepare for the potential re-emergence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – better known as SARS. The World Health Organization identified SARS as the first severe and easily transmittable disease of the 21st century. When the Centers for Disease Control contacted this team with a need for training for personnel in major international airports, this team quickly designed and developed a training program for Quarantine Station personnel, airline personnel, law enforcement personnel, emergency management personnel and hospital staff. Over an eight-day period, these staff members completed four tabletop exercises in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle for more than 185 individuals. Through the training that this team provided, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) was able to help minimize the potential spread of SARS in the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Scholarship and Fellowship Program Team developed a brand new education scholarship and fellowship program for DHS, advertised and recruited qualified applicants, processed five times the number of expected applications, conducted panel reviews to select 100 fellows and scholars, and made the awards in exactly 90 days. This Herculean task, which normally takes an entire year to accomplish, helped establish DHS as an organization looking to the future and ensuring that they have the technical workforce to help them accomplish their mission.

ORAU provides innovative scientific and technical solutions to advance national priorities in science, education, security and health. Through specialized teams of experts, unique laboratory capabilities and access to a consortium of more than 100 major Ph.D.-granting institutions, ORAU works with federal, state, local and commercial customers to advance national priorities and serve the public interest. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and federal contractor, ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

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