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ORAU Honors Employee Achievements with More Than $90,000 in Cash Awards

June 12, 2006

Mark Batson

High-resolution version

L to R: Mark Batson, ORAU President Ron Townsend

Michael Finn

High-resolution version
L to R: Michael Finn, Ron Townsend

Tom Wantland

High-resolution version
L to R: Tom Wantland, Ron Townsend

Coporate Identity Team

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Bottom Row L to R: Jennifer Brock, Yvette Parks, Nancy Reed, Carla Phillips, Wendy West, Ron Townsend; Top Row L to R: Joanna Wilkins, Mark Longmire, Greg Noe, Susan Jacques, Bryan Campbell (Not pictured: Angie Lester, Mark Sieger)

Hiring Process Improvement Team

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L to R: Meghan Millwood, Haven Lingerfelt, Sherry Scircle, Ron Townsend

NASA Postdoctoral Program Team

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Bottom Row L to R: Jessica Brimer, Glenda McNeal, Heather Rhoton, Linda Smalley, Janeen Pointer, Norma Ward, Ron Townsend; Middle Row L to R: Brian Cook, Vicki Johnson, Martha Hammond, Jennifer Garren, Brian Herndon; Top Row L to R: Joanna Wilkins, Mark Longmire, Bobby Ortiz, Jane Price, Don Johnson (Not pictured: Debbie Alcorn, Angie Hitch, Jeffrey Johnson, Marlene Mayton, Neil Newton

Online Mentoring Team

High-resolution version
Bottom Row L to R: Eileen Haag, Jeanette Bouchard, Linda Smalley, Diane Lewis, Ron Townsend; Top Row L to R: Greg Noe, Jud Waters, Linda Holmes, Jane Price (Not pictured: Igrid Gregory, Jeffrey Johnson)

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Team

High-resolution version
Bottom Row L to R: Sylvia Arow, Amparo Henderson, Sharon Jakubowski, Linda Hodges, Shirley Wright, Ron Townsend; Top Row L to R: Mary Connelly, Ron Edmond, Susan Dimmick, Will Artley, Nichole Ovens, Freddy Gray (Not pictured: Christopher Giles)

ORISE Proposal Team

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L to R: Tina Phillips, Susan Jacques, Ron Townsend (Not pictured: Cindy Skidmore)

PeerNet Redevelopment Team

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L to R: Bob Wambach, Heather Nuchols, Ron Townsend

Clinician Training Team

High-resolution version
Bottom Row L to R: Susan Jacques, Sylvia Arow, Shirley Wright, Eileen Haag, Ron Townsend; Top Row L to R: Mark Longmire, Linda Hodges, Jud Waters, Freddy Gray, Mary Jean Brewer; (Not pictured: Rob Beauchamp, Sheri Hester, Amanda Hughes, Steve Sugarman, Florie Tucker)

SharePoint Team

High-resolution version
Bottom Row L to R: Fanny Smith, Kellye Sliger, Erik Luchauer, Taunya Miller, Edye Watt, Ron Townsend; Middle Row L to R: LaShanda Miller, Connie Lansdon, Kelly Norman; Top Row L to R: Bryan Campbell, Joanna Wilkins, Tony Schubert, Don Johnson, Kevin Farris, Jud Waters (Not pictured: Terrie Cox, Angie Lester)

Vance Road Team

High-resolution version
Bottom Row L to R: Tom Wantland, Mark Bird, Charlie Morgan, Phyllis Weaver, Ron Townsend; Top Row L to R: Chuck Scott, Roger Justice, Rac Cox, Kelly Norman, Eddy Whitson; (Not pictured: Fred Abbott, Teresa Brown, Dave Gibson, Dean Herrera, Jim Payne)

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) awarded more than $90,000 to 112 employees in a recent ceremony to celebrate the year’s Achievement Cash Award Program (ACAP).

The purpose of ACAP is to recognize specific, exceptional contributions and noteworthy achievements of individual employees and teams. This year, three individuals and 10 teams were honored for their distinguished accomplishments.

Mark Batson received an ACAP for researching and implementing a procedure to make more efficient use of the financial reporting softwre Oracle Discoverer.

Oak Ridge resident Michael Finn developed an innovative technique to collect information on where foreign students who earn a Ph.D. from American universities work after graduation.

Tom Wantland won an ACAP for researching and securing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System registration, enabling ORAU/ORISE to become one of only seven DOE sites nationwide to attain this prestigious designation.

This team led the effort to develop corporate identity standards that have since been integrated into letterhead, business cards, catalogs and brochures to better market the organization’s capabilities.

This team researched and implemented a Web-based hiring manager module and applicant tracking system to improve the hiring process at ORAU.

On October 3, 2005, NASA awarded its postdoctoral contract to ORAU—a $20 million per year contract for up to 10 years. ORAU staff worked to transition all aspects of the program without disrupting on-going work.

Because quality mentoring is the cornerstone of ORISE’s research participation programs, a group of team members from Science Education Programs developed an online mentor training module to enhance the organization’s leadership in science education.

To better prepare the nation’s clinicians, members of this team assisted in the development and coordination of nine nationwide pandemic influenza preparedness exercises for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This team designed, managed, and executed the ORISE proposal in an effort to retain DOE as ORAU's primary customer.

For nearly six months, this team worked together to redesign and rewrite PeerNet©, one of ORISE’s most widely used resources for managing and conducting peer reviews.

To provide better medical response to a nuclear incident involving mass casualties, this team worked with the CDC’s Radiation Studies Branch to develop the computer-based clinician training program, Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism: Medical Response to Mass Casualties.

This team worked together to introduce Microsoft’s SharePoint Services, which has revolutionized the way employees share information and collaborate among business and program units.

This team worked to identify, remove and dispose of all radioactive and hazardous material at ORAU's Vance Road location in order to receive a clean parcel determination. The team also documented all tasks for DOE and the State of Tennessee’s review and approval.

ORAU provides innovative scientific and technical solutions to advance national priorities in science, education, security and health. Through specialized teams of experts, unique laboratory capabilities and access to a consortium of more than 100 major Ph.D.-granting institutions, ORAU works with federal, state, local and commercial customers to advance national priorities and serve the public interest. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and federal contractor, ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

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