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ORAU sponsors Tennessee Middle School Math Competition

ORAU sponsored and Pellissppi State College hosted 12th annual Tennessee Middle School Math Competition

May 11, 2012

ORAU sponsored and Pellissppi State College hosted 12th annual Tennessee Middle School Math Competition

Pictured from L to R: Craig Rigell, ORAU Associate Director of Science Education Programs; Dr. L. Anthony Wise Jr., PSCC President; Ian Greeley, Episcopal School of Knoxville; Liz Enyenihi, Farragut Middle School; Schichen Zhang, Jefferson Middle School, Oak Ridge; Melissa Yuan, Jefferson Middle School, Oak Ridge; Kevin Hong, Farragut Middle School; Eli Derrington, West Valley Middle School; Benjamin Toedte, Greenway School; Gabe Vacalive, Jefferson Middle School, Oak Ridge; Daniel Yan, Farragut Middle School; Albert Xue, West Valley Middle School; Andy Page, ORAU President and CEO.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—More than 680 students from 42 area schools competed for the honor of being named the top middle school math students in East Tennessee. The 2012 Tennessee Middle School Math Competition, now in its 12th year, was held recently at Pellissippi State Community College and was sponsored by Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

Over the past twelve years, more than 7,000 middle school students have participated in the program’s activities, which seek to keep young students inspired about mathematics. The Pellissippi State Foundation received a $17,000 grant from ORAU to support the competition, and trophies and gifts were given to the top 10 students in each grade.

“Hosting a middle school math competition of this scale would be impossible without the continuing support of ORAU,” said Jonathon Lamb, Pellissippi State math professor. “As many budgets appear to be shrinking in this tough economy, we’re fortunate to once again have the opportunity to host the largest middle school math competition in the Southeast.”

The 40-question tests that the student competitors took were unique for the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade levels and were designed by Lamb in collaboration with site coordinators from colleges across the state of Tennessee.

Farragut Middle School in Knoxville walked away with the number-one team ranking for the best overall score in both the sixth-and seventh- grade team categories. West Valley Middle School in Knoxville took the number-one team ranking for the eighth-grade team category.

The first-place individual winners were Joseph Andress, Jefferson Middle School (Oak Ridge), sixth grade; Lily Gao, Farragut Middle School, seventh grade; and Albert Xue, West Valley Middle School, eighth grade.

“More and more schools around the region are placing greater emphasis on providing extracurricular programs for mathematically gifted middle school students,” said Craig Rigell, ORAU associate director of Science Education Programs. “And it’s events like this one that help keep those students motivated and excited about learning math. Pellissippi State has done an excellent job in growing and expanding this competition into the regional success that it is today.”

In addition to the competition, students were also treated to lunch and participated in several recreational activities such as music, games and inflatable slides. At the end of the event, an awards ceremony was held to recognize the contest’s winning individuals and teams.

Results from the 2012 Middle School Math Competition
Students won prizes ranging from $250 and a PlayStation Vita for first place to $25 for 6th place.

Sixth grade individual winners:

  1. Joseph Andress (Jefferson Middle School-Oak Ridge)
  2. Roshan Soni (Cleveland Middle School)
  3. Austin Gardner (West Valley Middle School)
  4. Andrew Jerome (Cedar Springs Christian Homeschool)
  5. Ryan Hart (Farragut Middle School)
  6. Justin Smits (Farragut Middle School)
  7. Caleb Bradley (Farragut Middle School)
  8. Eric Wang (Farragut Middle School)
  9. Max Grayson (West Valley Middle School)
  10. Adithyan Sujithkumar (Robertsville Middle School)

Seventh grade individual winners:

  1. Lily Gao (Farragut Middle School)
  2. Julian Pulsinelli (West Valley Middle School)
  3. Jessica Hyun (West Valley Middle School)
  4. Lawrence Zhang (Jefferson Middle School-Oak Ridge)
  5. David Garber (Jefferson Middle School-Jefferson County)
  6. Quinn Bader (Robertsville Middle School)
  7. Abe Joo (Farragut Middle School)
  8. Spencer Flint (Farragut Middle School)
  9. Jackson Smith (Cedar Bluff)
  10. Tyr Hondorf (Robertsville Middle School)

Eighth grade individual winners:

  1. Albert Xue (West Valley Middle School)
  2. Daniel Yan (Farragut Middle School)
  3. Gabe Vacalive (Jefferson Middle School-Oak Ridge)
  4. Benjamin Toedte (Greenway School)
  5. Eli Derrington (West Valley Middle School)
  6. Kevin Hong (Farragut Middle School)
  7. Melissa Yuan (Jefferson Middle School-Oak Ridge)
  8. Schichen Zhang (Jefferson Middle School-Oak Ridge)
  9. Liz Enyenihi (Farragut Middle School)
  10. Iam Greeley (Episcopal School of Knoxville)

Awards were also presented for the three schools with the best overall scores at each grade level for the competition. Those were as follows:

 Sixth grade:

  1. Farragut Middle School
  2. Jefferson Middle School (Oak Ridge)
  3. Robertsville Middle School

Seventh grade:

  1. Farragut Middle School
  2. West Valley Middle School
  3. Robertsville Middle School

Eighth grade:

  1. West Valley Middle School
  2. Farragut Middle School
  3. Jefferson Middle School

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