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ORAU awards $30,000 in education grants to area schools

Educators gathered for a night of celebration and surprises featuring new technology and teaching tools

Sept. 8, 2014

Anderson Schools education grants winners

Anderson County Schools education grants winners

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—ORAU awarded 25 teachers from 20 East Tennessee schools more than $30,000 during the 13th annual ORAU Education Grants ceremony. Since beginning this program in 2002, ORAU has provided more than $380,000 to area schools for projects that complement its mission of enriching science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs.

Educational materials and equipment purchased with the grant monies—such as iPads, laptops, Math and Movement kits and more—will help teachers continue to meet rigorous, state-wide curriculum standards and enhance the learning experience of their students.

“ORAU is honored to support our community by helping our schools secure the tools they need to capture and maintain students’ attention on these critical subjects,” ORAU President and CEO Andy Page said. “These educators continue to show an impressive dedication to teaching, and we appreciate all of their effort and hard work.”

Briceville Elementary School and Dutch Valley Elementary Schools, two of the biggest winners, each received a $4,080 grant to purchase a TV, wall mount, laptop and Apple TV. Each school will place the entire technology set-up in their library and it will be used by all teachers and students in the schools.

The second largest grant of $3,000 was presented to Dutch Valley Elementary School for the purchase of 10 Math and Movement materials to be used by all students and teachers. Math and Movement is an innovative way to teach math concepts using a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach that incorporates physical exercise, stretching and cross-body movements. Dutch Valley Elementary School also received a grant of $495 for the purchase of a typing program that will allow students to learn typing skills as beginners and to eventually complete keyboard mastery.

Grand Oaks Elementary School also was granted its request for three separate series of STEM modules that will allow students to explore math and science concepts and apply those concepts using authentic engineering design challenges. The grant, worth $2,541, will be used to serve all students in the school.

The other grant winners were:

  • Willow Brook Elementary School—a $2,500 grant for the purchase of Math and Movement skip and counting mats.
  • North Clinton Elementary School—a $2,095 grant for the purchase of five iPads to be used to enhance curricula and learning for students with disabilities.
  • Norris Middle School—a $1,852 grant for the purchase of one ELMO Visual Presenter, four iPad minis and various applications to be used to increase STEM exposure and teach students about the common color theory models.
  • South Clinton Elementary School—a $1,632 grant for the purchase of three sets of Delta Science Content Readers that will be used to build a science resource room to be shared by the entire third and fourth grades.
  • Clinton Elementary School—a $1,350 grant for the purchase of three LabQuest 2 Elementary Starter Packages. The LabQuest 2 program is a standalone interface that students will use to collect sensor data which they will then graph and analyze using the program’s built-in applications.
  • Grand Oaks Elementary School—a $1,050 grant for the purchase of two iPads, covers and a lightning adapter to be used to introduce students to technology and help to enhance their fine motor skills.
  • Anderson County Career and Technical Center—a $860 grant for the purchase of LEARNKEY Software for Word and Excel. This software will provide resources students need to individually advance toward expert level in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • North Clinton Elementary School—a $750 grant for the purchase of three Google Chromebooks to be used by students in order to supplement their core concepts and access many essential online resources.
  • North Clinton Elementary School—a $694 grant for the purchase of materials to create a LeapFrog Learning Center where students will engage in learning games involving math, science and reading skills.
  • Clinton Elementary School—a $480 grant for the purchase of three separate Math and Movement mats.
  • Clinton Elementary School—a $460 grant for the purchase of a Live Moon Jellyfish Kit and aquarium. Students will explore not only science standards but also math and technological ones by taking part in the upkeep and management of the jellyfish ecosystem.
  • South Clinton Elementary School—a $370 grant for the purchase of a “From Caterpillar to Butterfly” kit that will allow students to understand the scientific process and gain sensitivity to living things.
  • Andersonville Elementary School—a $300 grant for the purchase of a variety of math manipulatives to increase the exploration of math models and lessons.
  • North Clinton Elementary School—a $273 grant for the purchase of two wireless keyboards and two sets of wireless headphones for students to use at their desk and in reading corners.
  • North Clinton Elementary School—a $265 grant for the purchase of two duel mode document cameras to be used during a “show and tell” section of the class where students will share their math and science work, projects and drawings.

The awards, based on competitive proposals submitted by the individual schools, were presented by Page, ORAU Executive Vice President Eric Abelquist, and ORAU Vice President of Science Education Programs Dean Evasius.

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