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Capabilities in National Security and Emergency Management

ORAU Prepares Government Agencies to Manage and Respond to Public Safety and Security Threats and Disasters

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Whether a disaster is the result of natural or manmade circumstances, no one can predict when or where our country will be threatened. For this reason, national readiness is critical, and that can best be achieved through planning, practice and validating response capabilities.

ORAU provides mission-focused, real-world operational experience and demonstrated planning expertise to support government agencies. Our technology solutions and readiness activities are key to strengthening the nation’s preparedness and response assets.

We strive to serve as an interagency integrator of emergency management capabilities, bringing together several agencies that work similar programs to coordinate their efforts and enhance their overall readiness. These efforts go a long way in preparing the United States to successfully counter threats to public safety and security.

We prepare emergency response assets for federal and state agencies through:


ORAU plans and implements full-function exercises, drills and tabletops. We develop all elements of the emergency management, response and planning package, as well as oversee, control and evaluate the exercise.

Fingerprint analysisForensic Science Services

ORAU possesses the forensic and analytical capabilities to help law enforcement and other agencies better understand and mitigate threats in a variety of forensic disciplines.

Technology SolutionsPlanning

ORAU offers a full spectrum of planning activities—led by key security and emergency management experts—to effectively test emergency response capabilities.

Technology SolutionsTechnology Solutions

Through sophisticated tracking systems, training, outreach activities, networking and information sharing, ORAU can help you ensure that your emergency response capabilities are well maintained.


We possess the technical knowledge and proven ability to design, develop, deliver and evaluate training that addresses multiple topics related to national security and emergency preparedness.

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