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Exercise Builder Nuclear™

Improving the way the nuclear power industry manages emergency drills and exercises

Watch a short video (1:31) introducing some of the advantages of using Exercise Builder Nuclear. If you have trouble viewing the video on this page you can also watch it here: Exercise Builder Nuclear Video

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Emergency preparedness managers in the nuclear power industry are challenged with increasing scrutiny and regulations requiring more comprehensive drills and exercises. Exercise Builder Nuclear helps meet these challenges with powerful drill and exercise management tools and the convenience of an online application that can store all current and historical exercise and drill data in one place.

Seven Key Benefits

  1. Improve consistency and standardization of approach to drills and exercises
  2. Build drills and exercises quickly from a repository of data
  3. Web-based access allows collaboration with peers and distribution of duties
  4. Access drill and exercise data from any computer, anywhere, that has an Internet connection
  5. Generate documents such as controller guidelines and drill reports in seconds
  6. Record evaluations of objectives to track performance improvement
  7. Track data over time, such as EAL usage or individual employee participation

ORAU security and information technology

Learn more about how ORAU follows a risk-based approach to information security.

Why use Exercise Builder Nuclear?

An illustrated list of the key advantages of using Exercise Builder Nuclear.

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